Aruba International Regatta 2016: August 19, 20 and 21 – 2016

3 days of parties, 2 days of races! Join the Aruba International Regatta for spectacular Yacht Races, Sunfish Races, Beach Cat Races, Optimist Races, Windsurf Competition, Kitesurf Competition, Miniature Boat Races, Beach Parties and much more at Surfside Beach Aruba!

We are proud to announce that Studio Advisory is the main sponsor for the Aruba International Regatta. “Better Business Performance: We make Strategies that work!”

Aruba International Regatta has obtained the Silver status of Sailors for the Sea – Clean Regatta’s. Join in the effort to reduce the Aruba International Regatta’s footprint and stimulate sustainable development. Keep the beach, the sea and the air clean: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Picture Collection 2015 (515 pics):

Photographers: Jennifer Kock, Joost Horward, Paul Faas, Marcel van Schie, Francis Grijpma-van Baaren
Aruba International Regatta 2015
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Picture Collection 2014:
Regatta 2014 photographers Joost Horward, Marcel van Schie, Juancho Ridderstap, Cedo Nulli